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Established in 2007 Indicon has emerged as a leader in manufacturing of civil construction innovative products. The foundation and pillars of Indicon are renowned and established players of this industry for the past many years. Indicon has diversified activities like research, development, manufacturing & marketing of speciality chemicals for civil engineering industry. It has become a manufacturer of innovative and high quality competitive construction chemicals committed to top of the range products and customer service.Indicon is fully equipped to tackle the increasing demands of the fast growing industry by constantly improving its quality and outputs as per market requirements with an acute focus on zero fault activities and quality assurance standards. At Indicon we assure our allies hand in hand working procedures generating faith & trust in every step of mutual growth ...

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Cement wall putty supplier in Kandivali West Mumbai
Cement wall putty supplier in Kandivali West Mumbai
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Gypsum Bonding Agent
Gypsum Bonding Agent INR 0 INR 0 INDICON Super Gyp Bond is a green colored, high viscous solution which provides mechanical as well as chemical bonding for gypsum based plaster. It has a very high bonding with cementitious substrates. It gives very high bond strength to all gypsum based materials. It meets the bond strength requirement of BS5270. It has great tensile and flexural strength. Provides chemical as well as mechanical bond. Launching all new Super Gyp Bond with higher bond strength and more coverage. True 1485350698
Block Jointing Mortar
Block Jointing Mortar INR 0 INR 0 INDICON Super Block Fix is a versatile, one part, self curing jointing compound for thin layer fixing of blocks of all types.It is easy to use with an extended working time for ease of placement. It gives tensile adhesion strength of 0.83 N/mm2 @ 28 Days. Premixed, ready to use. True 1485778151
Bonding Agent
Bonding Agent INR 0 INR 0 INDICON Super Bond is milky white colored emulsion. It is used to produce bonding slurry by mixing super bond with cement in ratio (1:1) and Polymer modified mortar by mixing in following design- Super Bond - 1part : Cement - 5 parts : Sand -15 parts True 1487314729
Acrylic Polymer
Acrylic Polymer INR 0 INR 0 INDICON Super AC is a milky white colored emulsion. This polymer is to be used to produce waterproofing system, production of polymer modified mortar to improve bonding, flexural, impermeable properties. The waterproofing system is obtained by mixing Super AC with cement. True 1488627915
Micro Concrete
Micro Concrete INR 0 INR 0 Super micro is one part, patching and repair compound for projects of all types. It is supplied in prepacked dry cementitious colored dry powder, requiring only addition of water at site. True 1491279239
Repair Mortar
Repair Mortar INR 0 INR 0 Repair Mortar is a versatile, one part, polymer modified, self curing patching and repair compound for repair projects of all types. It is cement based, blended with polymer, graded aggregates and special additives. True 1491390098
Concrete Admixture
Concrete Admixture INR 0 INR 0 Super Plasticizer INDICON Super Plast is an extended range of naphtha based, high range water reducing admixtures, formulated to meet ASTM C-494 A &F, IS 9103. The addition of Super Plast allows a water reduction of up to 25-30 % at same slump & improves compressive strength upto +150 % than plain concrete. At same W/C ratio, it creates self leveling, flowable property to concrete. True 1492507931
Plaster Admixture
Plaster Admixture INR 0 INR 0 IWC Liquid (Plaster Admixture) IWC is a dark brown colored, chloride free special waterproofing liquid. It improves workability of all types of mix and makes concrete, mortar impermeable.IWC liquid is mixed with gauging water and then added into concrete, mortar, etc. True 1492751769
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